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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sweet Sorrow

"Goodbye's" I have never perticularly been fond of. Goodbye's bring out my flaws to the fullest. Even if it's a "Goodnight, see you tomorrow" goodbye. There is nothing "good" about saying bye. I think that someone should only say goodbye if it's directed towards someone you dislike or don't care to be around, but saying goodbye to someone you don't want to leave behind makes no sense to me. I rather just leave and pretend that I will see them tomorrow and bypass the goodbye section of life. I know weird, but thats how I feel. I leave tonight for L.A., I caved in and said goodbye to Jazzy and Tj last night, for their sakes not mine, even though I don't think they like saying goodbye either.

Nevertheless I am excited for a little vaca time. In a way it's humorous to me because we are all so close that when one of us is gone, it throws the whole groove of things slightly off. (in my opinion anyway) Even if we are not together, it feels better if I at least know they are close by. Me being the youngest of the group, I feel that they are my protection and always have my back. Even when I'm in the wrong..so saying goodbye just....well sucks regardless. I hate getting teary eyed considering I try to never cry me being the emotional female that I already am.
So 9 days from now it will be a happy little reunion and I will have giant mickey mouse lolipops for all..=]


P.S. Miss you guys already..