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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good Riddance

It's my last day at the gym..
Can I get an Amen?!
Two hours to go and I'm walking out the door with my nose in
the air as well as my middle finger. hahaha..Just kidding.
I will swallow my pride and walk out like lady, but you all
secretly know what I will be thinking as I do so.
The excitement is overwhelming at times. I have never been
so happy to be leaving somewhere..well on second thought I have. But
thats exactly why I am not willing to settle anymore. I want to be somewhere
that I am happy. Who doesn't though?..
Anyways, I start my two week training at the bank tomorrow bright and early.
Wish me luck.

Cheers to new places, new jobs, new adventures,

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Inception

Dreaming may in fact be my favorite thing to do.
Preferably the ones when I am sleeping. =]

On the norm my dreams are usually full of made up people,
crazy size mansions,
creepy creatures,
enormous food portions (most commonly pancakes and donuts),
and friends from my childhood. In my dreams I always  know how to fly,
jump to extreme measures,
and tell off any villian that comes my way.
I love that they are completely mixed up places that I don't remember getting to, and skip from place to place so quickly and randomly that seperate dreams throughout the night morph into one. 

Most people hate having nightmares, I just hate waking up in a panic, forehead dripping with sweat, clenching the covers to save your life and then trying to calm yourself down mentally so that your not afraid to fall asleep again;  then once you do calm yourself down, your pissed off the next morning because you lost that extra 25 minutes of sleep that it took to fall asleep again.
But regardless of all that, I love dreaming so much that I don't even mind the nightmares. When I was little I had nightmares a lot. (I blame it on all the scary movies I begged my dad to watch) But whenever I had a nightmare I'd try to remember it & write it down because I thought thats how they come up with scary movies in Hollywood and one day I could submit my nightmare to the Hollywood directors and become rich. I know it sounds funny but it always made me feel better. My favorite dreams are the reoccuring ones though. The ones to you can try to change and manipulate if you realize you are dreaming in time. The past couple of days I have had some of the most unusual dreams. Dreams I have never really experienced before. These dreams are so life-like and real. I am dreaming of people I see and things I do on a regular basis just from day to day life. For example, I had a dream that I was combing my hair and putting it up in bobby-pins. Very simple indeed but when I woke up I was wondering where all my bobby-pins had gone, searching my covers trying to figure out why they had all of a sudden disapeared from my hair.

That was just one dream. As the week progressed, the dreams got deeper and more detailed. Just like in the movies (perticularly inception), I had a dream, that I was dreaming. Now I have had a dream like this before but not one that was so meticulous, in order; & organized. In the first dream I was asleep in bed and I was dreaming of my everyday routine. So when I woke up, I was still asleep. When I woke up for the second time, it literally threw off reality for awhile. I was so turned around and mixed up that I felt like I was loosing my mind a bit. Sounds daunting I know, but it was actually fascinating when I came to to replay what happen in my head. For the first time, in a long time, I was anxious and nervous to fall asleep last night. Sadly this morning I woke up and remembered nothing from my night of restless slumber.

Nevertheless, I have discovered a whole new realm of dreaming. Loosing touch with reality may be the coolest thing ever hahaa.. =]

I dedicate this post to Christopher Nolan and all your
brilliant ideas. (writer and director of Inception)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekend Warrior

It's Saturday.
& as you know,
I am at work.
Normally very unoptimistic about my predicament,
but today is slightly different.
A Man walked in to the gym,
(a Man I see every saturday at 10:00 a.m.)
and said "Hello Penny," with a smile (as he usually did)
"Hello," I reply.
Then he says something that
surprisingly turns my frown upside down.
" Penny, the weekend warrior."
To my amazment this one little comment
meant more to me than apples in applesauce.
Considering I work every single weekend,
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday;
dealing with who knows what complaints
and angry people, drama, people's current crisis issues,
as well as my own.
the term "weekend warrior" meant not only
that this man notices all the craziness I deal with
& try too handle with extreme caution
 every weekend of my life,
but that I also come out on top.
Sometimes all someone needs
is a little recognition.
& that I did.
..Thank you Man.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

A New Chapter

I've been M.I.A for quite some time now, but it’s time to start over new, time to start a new chapter in my life. Things weren't going that great for a while but they are slowly getting better as time goes on. So tomorrow starts a somewhat of a new journey for me. At work I am entrusted with opening my department, it's a major task but I’m looking forward to it. I'm ready to show everyone that I can succeed and I’m ready to take on more responsibility although 6:00 AM isn’t looking like too much fun, but I'm willing to do it to get ahead in my company. The bright side is I get to get off at 3:00, after which I am headed to a job interview, where they serve the best food known to man... PIZZA of course!! I hope I get it...


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dear Laptop

Dear Laptop,
I'm sorry that you were stolen from my car last night.
I guess I can only be so upset considering I'm the one who left you in there.
I never leave you in the car like that but quite frankly I was too lazy to go get you out.
I called the cops and they are doing everything they can to find you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you but I'm not going to hold my breath.
But you can't be mad at me laptop because some days you were lazy too. I mean you were sooo slow sometimes. You had no reason to be. I kept you very clean. You should have listened to me when I told you to hurry up. Regardless though, I do apologize for slamming you shut that one day. That was my bad.
I wanted  to say though that if we are not reunited I will miss you a great deal, even if you did act immature at times and wouldn't connect to the internet. You helped me get through so much school and boredem.. sometimes at the same time. Thank you for always helping me with research. We racked up some serious browsing time together didn't we?
Thank you for keeping all my pictures organized and stored for me. Keep them safe. At least you have pictures to remember me by. Thank you for being there with me on lonely days, and rainy days, and sad days. Thank you for all the music sessions we jammed to. Thank you for showing me all those awesome Youtube videos like Charlie and Harry and Kandee Johnson. Thank you those few but special days we blogged together. I will never forget you Laptop. Think of this experience as a "Live & Learn" lesson for the both of us.
Thankfully we did set several passwords...stay strong my friend.

Sincerely Your Owner,

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Well Good Morning to you too Sun.

I do believe that by the end of today I will feel much like an adult. I have many "grown-up" things to attend to. But thankfully I woke up on the right side of the bed and had a plethora of positive energy rush through my body. I woke up not to my annoying alarm but to the sunshine beaming through my bedroom window warming my face. As if it were saying "Penny sweetheart, time to wake up and start a fresh new day..."
Hopefully work today doesn't have to many unfortunante surprises. Of course there will be the usual customer complaints to deal with and the employee drama. But people in the work force deal with that at any job I assume.
Regardless I'm crossin' my fingers for a good one.

So happy Saturday to you. I hope everyone has a great day enjoying the weather, summer, friends, family, or to-do lists like myself wherever you are. Know that you are never dealt anything you can't handle. If you feel that life at the moment is just too stressful remember to stop and take a nap everyonce in awhile. =]

Love and Sunshine,

Saturday, July 17, 2010

If Stress Burned Calories I'd Be a Supermodel

It's amazing how things are happening one right after the other. If I didn't have Jazzy and T.j. at this point I don't know how mentally crazy I would be. It's 10:46 a.m. on a Saturday morning, and as you all know I am at work, which at this point is the best place for me to be. (Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself.) This morning my Aunt found a note I had written and instead of putting it down and walking away, she read it. In her situation I probably would have read it too. Many painfully detailed words later, she is very upset with me and I use upset as an understatement. My meaningless.. thoughtless words were takin to heart. Never can I get a word in edge wise and to my misfortune she listens to the ones that meant the least. It is probably a good thing I am already planning on moving out..otherwise it would be my butt on the street. So nervous as to whats going to happen when I get home.. sick to my stomach.
Today is the first day ever that I have been threatened by a male. Aparently I don't do my job the way members would like me too. Seems lately everything I do is lacking. Trembling by the time he is done ranting on about how horrible I am to say the least. I feel like I'm on a treadmill that is going way to fast for me to run. Speaking of treadmills going to fast..the sweetest lady fell off one of our treadmills today. OF ALL SHIFTS FOR HER TO FALL. I felt horrible. I didn't know what I should do, feeling very negligent and useless. Thankfully she was nice about the perdicament, but regarless of what she says, it doesn't look good for me. It's my responsibility to keep an eye on the members. And I was too busy worrying about my Aunt to realize what was happening. Filed an incident report.

..I should have known this day was out to get me when I woke up and it was practically winter outside.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


..and it's only going to get worse.
Have you ever felt like this?
At some point in time everyone does.
I am currently at work..as it feels is a very common place for me to be. And I am trying to do an online
interview so that I can get a second job. Why do I need a second job you ask?
So that I can move into an apartment with my sister Jaz. It's all fine and dandy except for the fact that Jaz and I have almost exactly one month to find an affordable (and cute =] ) apartment, enough money saved to afford the move in fee ( and a cool couch of course ), second jobs for the both of us (which means more time working and less time for my summer to do list =[ ), and trying to make sure life doesn't get in the way.
Well roughly 30 days and counting.

..gotta get back to work just got yelled at by the boss man! BYE


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Molasses on Ice Slow

Do you ever feel like you are constantly trying to catch up,
and for a couple weeks, you just can't.
I have learned that sometimes you have to let everything and everyone pass you up to get ahead again.
Sorry for the lack of postings.
There really is no excuse, but between work, family drama, conventions, car breaking down, and one very importnant funeral, Jaz and I have been..well a bit preoccupied.
 I hope that starting today, things get back on track; knowing our lives though, it won't. I will just have to start carrying my laptop around with me like Paris Hilton carries around her dog. Then there will be a countless number of postings for everyone to keep up on. =]
At least the weather has been nice. 85+ degrees for the past week now. NIIIIcce! LOve'n it.
Which reminds me. I need to get focussed on the summer to do list.
 I find that I always get a slow start on things.
Slower than molasses on ice. But in the end the tortoise always wins the race..


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sumr 2-do's

I thought to myself earlier this mornin' while reading a fellow followers blog, that I too am very excited for summer and should start thinking about livin' life outside more while we all have the great weather for the next couple months. My past couple of summers haven't been all that fantastic and I am officially on a mission to make this summer one to remember! Heres my current check list for the summer of 2010.
..I'll be danged if I don't get every item checked off this list! To all our super lovely Tweed followers feel free to tell me about your summer to-do's..

1. Eat popsicles!-
2. Sleep outside-
3.Water gun fight-
4. BBQ's-
5. Make lemonade-
6. Saturday Market-
7. Eat down by the water front-
8. The Beach-
9. Water balloon pranks!-
10. Take Jazzy to the river-
11. Lay in the sun-
12. Swing at a playground-
13. Outdoor movie-
14. The Coast-
15. Lots of ice cream!-
16. Have cousins come stay-
17. Have a picnik-
18. Go to the Zoo!-
19. Plant flowers-

20. Fly a Kite-
21. Pull all nighters-
22. Climb a jungle gym-
23. Drink arizonas-
24. Ride with the top down in Jazzy's car-
25. Poker Party-
26. Buy a jug of Bubbles!-

27. Movie Marathon-
28. Make smoothies-
29. Root beer floats-
32. Sidewalk Chalk!-
33. Make new summer playlist-
34. Make Mom's Macaroni Salad-

Can't wait to begin the list. Happy summer adventures to all!..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Happiest Place On Earth

California Adventure

The Tower of Terror (my favorite ride)

Disneyland's Famous Lollipops

Bert, Snow White's Evil Queen, Mary Poppins

Who wouldn't be happy here?

My trip was so amazing. I met so many different characters this time, made it on every ride in the park, bought tons of good food, and of course the famous lollipops for everyone at home, took 100's of pictures, my family and friends were so great, and everyone got along the entire time..

I wish I could say that was all true.
Sadly that is the farthest from the truth.

The trip I went on this past week has officially made it in the Guinness book of world records as the worst trip to disneyland ever. Now that I am home and the experience is behind me, I quite frankly can't believe it happened. Here is the "short" version of what went down.

Day 1
I met a friend..more like an acquaintance at her job Sunday night. Drove her car to southern Oregon. Six hours later met up with my mom and little sister, mom's new boyfriend which is "the acquaintance" father (ugh shoot me now), and my little sister's BFF.
So far so good.

Day 2
6 a.m. headed out the door for southern California.  Redbull check, chexmix check, pillow check, ipod (just in case) check. L.A. here we come! One hour into the trip begins the arguing. Mom's boyfriend and "the acquaintance" yelling nonsense back and forth from the front of the SUV to the back. What are they yelling at each other you say?.. A bunch of words not appropiate for this blog. Why are they mad at each other you ask? Let's just say difference in opinion, father and daughter history, and "the acquaintance" is an incredibly immature 19 year old female. Naturally this led her to tears and more tears.
The rest of the 13 hour drive was painfully awkward, tense, unusually silent, and flat out boring!

Day 3
Arise from the hotel bed. Horrible back ache. Perfect for the day ahead of me walking in Disneyland all day. "The acquaintence and mom's new boyfriend made that day very un-fun. (Yes I made that word up) Disagreeing on everything known to man, putting the rest of us in a frusterating postion. No one could agree on anything about anything. Ready to go home three days into the trip I decided from here on out to keep my wants and needs of  Disneyland to myself and let all the other piranhas fight it out.

Day 4
Exhausted and ready to punch someone. "The acquaintance" and I decided to head to the Disneyland parade that night on our own and let the rest of the bunch go to dinner without us. We all needed some seperation. Me from my mother, her from her father.  Here is where I kick myself. Now why would I leave with this "acquaintance" knowing her ability to bite someone mid-sentence? I thought that me, being the other 19 year old, she would try to bond with me a little more than she had with the others. In an ironic way, she did just that. Making my story less detailed. This crazy 19 year old  wanted to leave me in downtown L.A. by myself, for three guys she met that  night for some party they were having. You can bet that I had some words to say. And yes the piranha bit. A huge fight broke out and "the acquaintance" and I were no longer down for bonding.
I rode a bus back to the hotel alone.

Day 5
She never came home that night. Making day five of our trip awkward, tense, silent, tearful, and un-fun..again.
So many thoughts went through my head to buy a plane ticket home and never look back. But being the nice person that I am I was worried about her that whole day in Disneyland. Wondering if she was okay. Hoping she wouldn't end up on one of those "lost and never found" T.V. shows or one of those murder mysteries. We all felt guilty for still going to disneyland, but what were we to do? She wouldn't answer our calls and we had no idea where she had gone. I felt bad for letting her go. Could I have done more to stop her?
When we returned to the hotel later that night, there she was sitting in living room watching t.v.

"Hey guys! how was disneyland today?!"

Everyone responded in happy little voices and greeted her like nothing had happend.
I was astonished and pissed off at the same time.

Day 6
Thousands of rude comments made to me by "the acquaintance". Again words I can not put in this blog.
Let's just say I am so incredibly proud of myself for taking the high road and not biting back. I took it like a champ. =] Regardless though, it still hurt, not her comments, but that my own mother was sitting right there listening to every single one, and had nothing to say in my defense.

Told mother I was leaving. And ending my portion of the trip early, whether I had to buy a ticket home or rent a car or having someone pick me up. Where theres a will theres a way. I was coming home.

Drove back to southern Oregon in the wonderful SUV where I got to sit next to "the piranha" for 13 hours listneing to little snickets in my ear.
Once we got to mom's boyfriends house. I grabbed my mother's car keys to her Outie, through my suitcase in the back seat. And headed towards Portland at 85 miles per hour. Luckily I had my girl Beyonce to keep me company.

Day 7
Slept all through the night, in my own bed, drool and all. Glad to be home.

I learned the the happiest place on earth is not Disneyland, but it's where your true family and friends are, where you feel the safest, where you can sleep at night, where you always have fun
...lollipops or no lollipops.


When Someone You Love...

What feelings and emotions your brain and heart go through when someone you love dies. I think about the moments we shared together, the moments when we laughed together. Falling asleep in her arms as she softly combed my hair, painting my nails outside on a warm sunny day, buying me clothes for a special event, or just because  she loved me, playing cards in the backyard, going on road trips to some place that will mean so much to me later on in life, driving with the top down with her newly curled hair and beautiful dress on with sunglasses to match. She would tell me that everything will be ok when things seemed to be the worst. The moments I shared with her will never be forgotten forever she will remain in my heart and in my mind. I have many more memories and fun times that I spent with her each of them meant so much to me. I will cherish them and forever love her. She was truly an amazing woman.

P.S. I will always love you Grandma

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sweet Sorrow

"Goodbye's" I have never perticularly been fond of. Goodbye's bring out my flaws to the fullest. Even if it's a "Goodnight, see you tomorrow" goodbye. There is nothing "good" about saying bye. I think that someone should only say goodbye if it's directed towards someone you dislike or don't care to be around, but saying goodbye to someone you don't want to leave behind makes no sense to me. I rather just leave and pretend that I will see them tomorrow and bypass the goodbye section of life. I know weird, but thats how I feel. I leave tonight for L.A., I caved in and said goodbye to Jazzy and Tj last night, for their sakes not mine, even though I don't think they like saying goodbye either.

Nevertheless I am excited for a little vaca time. In a way it's humorous to me because we are all so close that when one of us is gone, it throws the whole groove of things slightly off. (in my opinion anyway) Even if we are not together, it feels better if I at least know they are close by. Me being the youngest of the group, I feel that they are my protection and always have my back. Even when I'm in the wrong..so saying goodbye just....well sucks regardless. I hate getting teary eyed considering I try to never cry me being the emotional female that I already am.
So 9 days from now it will be a happy little reunion and I will have giant mickey mouse lolipops for all..=]


P.S. Miss you guys already..

Saturday, June 12, 2010

One Crazy Night

Woke up this morning at 8:30, ready to start my day, after last night’s fiasco I can only hope that today will be better... Speaking of last night Pen gave you a taste of what happen to us, believe me it was anything but fun, adventurous but not fun. But not all was bad the evening started out great got off from work early and met up with Jamal to do a little bit of exercising we walked together around the track and then I watched him run a mile while I sat on the swings, he came back just in time to watch the sun set with me.

                          The start of what I thought was going to be a great evening... Got back home everyone undecided about what we wanted for dinner because we all had a taste for one thing, SEAFOOD. As the night grew long we decided on Applebee’s but when we got there it was packed but as we were driving I got a tooth ache I thought I was going to die I was in so much pain pulsating gums I felt like my head was going to explode from all the pain I was in. So we get to Applebee’s and there's nowhere for us to park I mean come on people Applebee’s on a Friday night no game on nothing exciting on and everyone in the state of Washington decided to go (including us) By now I thought my face was going to explode, we accepted the fact that last night was just not our night we settled for fast food and Tylenol (which helped with easing the pain of my tooth) on the way home we ran into to more trouble that sent us on an emotional rollercoaster which turned out ok in the end. Jazzy went home and Jamal came over and watched movies with me until I fell asleep... Today the sun is shining it’s going to be 82 we can only enjoy the day 1 minute at a time and hope it only gets better... Sushi today can't wait!!


Sushi Land

"Let's go to SushiLand."
This was the happiest thing I had heard all day long,
considering for the past 12 hours I had been stuck
in medical classes, studying, and at work.
Mmm some fresh healthy Ebi, and pot stickers, and wasabi, and calamari!
Two days left until I leave for L.A. so I was
anxious to spend some time with Jazzy and Tj last night after work.
Jazzy got home around 8:30ish and unfortunantly SushiLand closed.
Ahhhhh Nooooo that bloooooowsss..
Okay new plan..
2 hours later!!!
Our plan B had not improved. Sitting at the house still undecided and not wanting to
settle for anything less than what we initially wanted in the first place. Our night eventually faded
into darkness after that.
Tj made plans to go with Allen to the movies. Which is cool because Allen leaves
for college soon. (but secretly I DID NOT want him to leave)
So just me and my big sister. It eventually got too late and all the good options were closed or
soon to be. We settled for a Carl's Jr. run. (sigh)
And let's just say that on the way there and back there were some "You shoulda seen it!"
and "You would've had to been there," moments. I'll let Jazzy give more details later =]
But my oh my the long stressful day turned into a long eventful night.
By the time we returned home I no longer wanted my Carl's Jr. even worse than before we
left the house. (sigh)
11:37 p.m. and I was in a rush to get home and get some shut eye before having to return
to work at 7 the next morning (which is my current..dreadful location). But as I was walking
to my car I see an orange sticky note stuck on my window..What the heck is that?  I thought.
 Snatching it off my window, worried that it would be a mean hateful note being the "woah is me" person
that I suposedly am. But to my surprise it was a..a sweet little happy note. Smiley face included.
Tj..awl Tj.
Asking if I got his note later I answered yes..regreting telling him I retrieved it only because if I would
have played dumb and pretended that I didn't ever see a note, maybe he would write another one today
and then I would secretly have two. =]
Gonna shoot for Sushi Land again today. Have a good day everyone!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


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What it takes to be beautiful..
To be called pretty..
Do you know what it's like?
Do you know what it means?
To hold such responsibility.
It can be a curse, something that follows you where ever you go,
causing people to stare, to judge, to redicule, as if you weren't.."pretty" in the first place.

Regardless of what everyone thinks or admits to, relationships, any relationship, my relationships
are based on what I look like. Sometimes I hate the way people look at me.
Almost like I'm an alien of some sort. And I have come to realize that as I get older,
it is getting worse.

Having any kind of real friendship with one of the opposite sex,
or slight friendship at all is nearly out of the question. Whether it's the boy
who can't seem to fathom having strictly a friendship based relationship with me, a mother who has
the uneasy feeling of me snatching her son away, my family unable to
comprehend me simply wanting to have a friend in the first place, regardless of what sex they may be, or
surrounding watchers passing the stereotypical judgement on me having a boy that really is just a friend..all because of the way I look, to say the least.

Meeting people who want me around to raise the level of popularity or some type of self-worth.
Don't get me wrong, very much so a complement in many ways, but it's like
they are assigning me some kind of job I never applied for. More awkward responsibility.
And not ever knowing how to respond after the fact.

I am always guilty of everything, even if I'm innocent, people have told me there is no way that I could be innocent. They should have just said "Penelope, your too pretty so your the bad one." I'm exagerating I know, but after so many situation I get caught up in everyday because of "the curse" I always joke about, but now I'm not so sure, it really is making itself real.

In the past 19 years I have only had a couple frienships with females because most don't like me. Why?..the way I look? Purhaps. Whatever it may be that their issue is with me, it is one of the most repetitive things is my life. I have to put up with these monsters persay, in the world as soon as I walk out of my front door. I'm assuming I will for the rest of my life. What would it be like if I put a bag over my head? Would I have the same relationships I do now? The same life even, if I looked different?

There is no escape, and people will always be...people.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

SLightly OFf

Fashion Photography Pictures, Images and Photos

Do you ever have those days where you feel like you are forgetting something? Where you go over and over the things you thought needed to get done, but can't quite figure out what is it that you are forgetting? I have had the irritating feeling lingering in my mind all day. This morning I sprung painfully out of bed when I realized I had opened my eyes 48 minutes later than usual, making me late for my morning class. Throwing on whatever was closest, searching for inevitably lost keys, snatching a pair of sunglasses, slipping on sneakers, and rushing out the front door, only to get in line with the rest of the morning trafficers.

I leave for L.A. in less than a week. Overdue vaca time. You would think finding a swimsuit would be easier than it has been the past couple of weeks. I settled for ordering online, praying that it would just happen to fit perfectly. Finally receiving my victoria secret top in the mail today..didn't quite fit right..."whatever, figures". So I continued the search for bottoms today, hoping that the awkwardness from this mornings late rise had passed. Almost every store in the mall had let me down. Wrong sizes, wrong styles, wrong colors..
"Quit being picky Penelope and pick something!" I thought to myself after two hours of searching. How ridiculous.
Finally making up my mind, I found some right sizes. I settled for purple OP bottoms and white one with little pink flowers.
(Hmmm..sigh) Something is still lingering on in the air around me. Something just slightly off about the day.
I KNOW! I hadn't gone on a run today. Maybe running some of the yucky feeling off would help. Hurrying home, and changing into my running attire..I desperately ran out the front door hoping the jog would cure my "slightly off" mood. Half way home I had realized I started getting a side cramp. (which never happens to me)
"CRAP!.. I give up on trying to rid the waking up late curse I have put on myself for the day."
I walked the rest of the way home..scratching my arms frantically from the sweatshirt I had chosen to run in.
"Dang you Chacka."

Thank goodness tomorrow I get to sleep in. L.A. five days and counting..
Tomorrows always looking up..


Monday, June 7, 2010

The First of Many

What a day
 I had to drag myself out of bed only to realize that I had a pounding headache, the glimpse of joy I did have was the fact that the sun was out and shining brightly no more rain... for now (whoo hoo) Good morning to a wonderful day.

Seeing that big beautiful SUN did brighten up my day and it made me smile and think today is going to be a good day... WRONG... As I'm almost to work literally down the street some guy in a Kia Spectra came out of nowhere and almost killed me!!! I had to swerve and do all kinds of maneuvers to avoid being a tattoo of remembrance on someone’s arm. I made it out of that (barely) only to get to work 5 minutes late. As I'm sitting going through my normal routine of daily duties, I notice myself falling asleep as my boss yells my name

!@#$#@#$%^ I thought for sure I was in trouble... It turns out they wanted me to bring some papers up to the owner of the company, I sighed with relief. The walk outside was good it woke me up for sure. Once I get to the office I start walking upstairs to bring the forms only to be halted and attacked by an animal. (There I again feared my life would be in someone else’s hands)  I slowly walk away hoping it wouldn't chase me!!! Thank goodness it didn't, once again I was able to avoid being hurt. I go back to my desk after such an ordeal and start doing my work trying to avoid falling asleep again, my boss then surprises me and says "lunch is on me today you pick what you want and that's what we will have" you can imagine my excitement  no money out of my pocket whoo hoo!!!! (I chose Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust of Course)
The highlight of the rest of my day was finishing up my work early to be able to just sit and hang out and talk with all of my co-workers as the day ended... Driving home was great not a lot of traffic had the windows down letting the soft cool breeze run through my hair with the sun beaming down to keep me warm... What's in store for tomorrow I have no idea but I can't wait to tackle whatever comes my way. Today was a good Day

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dora The Explorer Rain Boots

ngày xa... Pictures, Images and Photos

11:30 P.M. Still raining.
No success today. Why is rain sad?
Some people believe that the rain is
a symbol for cleansing. I think it just
makes everything very...well wet. Although
rain does smell very good and I love being able to
wear my cute rain boots. I really want to get some
Dora the explorer rain boots. =] Maybe I'll hit up
amazon tomorrow if the forcast plays out the
way it did today.
I did get some of my inside "to-do" list items
checked off. 1. Nap Time check. 2. Laundry check.
3. Downloading more music to my ipod. Check. Jewel, T.swift,
the new 413 song thats always stuck in my head, and a
couple of old 90's songs to add the the pod.

These past few months life has been pretty hectic. Not horrible.
Just fast paced and stressful. Luckily, I got a new 9 dollar Biore face wash that
heats up to keep from random zit attacks. I find it very amusing.
Anyways, my point is I should be thankful for this rainy-lazy day
..it's not often that I do get to nap and
just simply listen to music in a comfy pair of pajama shorts and a
sweatshirt. Now that I am older and more so on my own than before
I take a lot forgranted. When I was little I remember on rainy days
dad would let me skip school, he would call in sick, and we would
lay around all day and he would teach me "big kid" games like
cribbage and show me card trick after card trick always giving in
to my "Daddy show me how you did it!!" everytime. I would talk him into
watching movies like The Sound of Music and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
Constantly rewinding trying to memorize all the songs. I must have drove him crazy.
But he always did a good job of hiding if it that was the case.
Today would have been a good day to be five again with dad..


P.S. "..rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens..bright copper kettles..and warm woolen mittens.
Brown paper packages tide up with strings..these are a few of my favorite things...when the dog bites,
when the bee stings..when I'm feeling sad..I simply remember my favorite things..and then I don't feel so bad."

The Rain

Stayed in bed warm and cozy watching movies as I heard the down pour. A brief brake gave me a little bit of relief as I thought it would stay that way, WRONG down it came again, just as I was hanging out with Jamal. We ran for cover, as we watched it pour.
I'm holding out for tomorrow hoping it will be better...


Good Morning, First Morning

Good Morning
 I, as in Penelope, am currently at work.
Yesterday was so beautiful outside. Sunny..warm, 70ish degrees. This of course led to rambunctious attitudes and then to the Carnival downtown Portland. The zipper, haunted houses, cotton candy, face painting, corn dogs, and 8 dollar giant elephant ears. Funn indeed. Gave me a positive outlook on how today might have..could have been.
Sounding alarm at 6 o'clock this morning, Sunday morning, pouring down shower rain mixed with fog. And if there is such a thing as a carnival hangover, then I believe I have it... (sigh)
The giant elephant ear was completely unnecessary.
BUT I refuse to let the carnival hangover nor the rain persuade my tude for the day.
Let's see today is the perfect setting for..
1. Napping, which I desperately wish I could be doing.
2. A scary movie..its doesn't look like its going to let up anytime soon so maybe several scary movies.
3. Hot Chocolate with giant marshmellows and Texas Holdem
4. Jazzy's sugar cookies
5. Make grilled cheese and tomato soup (okay now I'm just  hungry)
6. Watch Animal Planet with a cozy blanket on the couch
Off work at one today. Hopefully by then things will be looking up..


Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Beginning

This is our first official posting.
Welcome to the life of two sisters.
We are working towards having our own T.V. show.
No we are not famous, no we are not children of famous people,
and no we do not own any corporation, but we still have big dreams. =]
We are called "The Tweedz" based off Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum,
not because we are ditzy, we're not, but because we are sisters and we
do everything together, well just about everything..
Our lives are crazy, fun ..exciting..nuts, and full of drama.
( To us anyway =] )
I can't believe this just happened..