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Saturday, July 17, 2010

If Stress Burned Calories I'd Be a Supermodel

It's amazing how things are happening one right after the other. If I didn't have Jazzy and T.j. at this point I don't know how mentally crazy I would be. It's 10:46 a.m. on a Saturday morning, and as you all know I am at work, which at this point is the best place for me to be. (Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself.) This morning my Aunt found a note I had written and instead of putting it down and walking away, she read it. In her situation I probably would have read it too. Many painfully detailed words later, she is very upset with me and I use upset as an understatement. My meaningless.. thoughtless words were takin to heart. Never can I get a word in edge wise and to my misfortune she listens to the ones that meant the least. It is probably a good thing I am already planning on moving out..otherwise it would be my butt on the street. So nervous as to whats going to happen when I get home.. sick to my stomach.
Today is the first day ever that I have been threatened by a male. Aparently I don't do my job the way members would like me too. Seems lately everything I do is lacking. Trembling by the time he is done ranting on about how horrible I am to say the least. I feel like I'm on a treadmill that is going way to fast for me to run. Speaking of treadmills going to fast..the sweetest lady fell off one of our treadmills today. OF ALL SHIFTS FOR HER TO FALL. I felt horrible. I didn't know what I should do, feeling very negligent and useless. Thankfully she was nice about the perdicament, but regarless of what she says, it doesn't look good for me. It's my responsibility to keep an eye on the members. And I was too busy worrying about my Aunt to realize what was happening. Filed an incident report.

..I should have known this day was out to get me when I woke up and it was practically winter outside.



  1. Hi, nice post, but dont take too much stress dear..its not healthy. Try manage your stuff and I'm sure things will fall in their place.

  2. If it can be solvd y do u hav to worry,
    if it cannot b solvd wats the point in worrying.
    Tak it easy.
    Life is not a mission to complete,
    its just a experience, so learn ur lessons and mak most out of every situation. Hope u'll feel better soon :)

  3. ahh hope you solved all your problems till now. you know when we start worrying sometimes we cause more things to worry about. I hope you feel much better!!! and yes God if stress would help me to get thinner I would even like it from time to time.