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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Molasses on Ice Slow

Do you ever feel like you are constantly trying to catch up,
and for a couple weeks, you just can't.
I have learned that sometimes you have to let everything and everyone pass you up to get ahead again.
Sorry for the lack of postings.
There really is no excuse, but between work, family drama, conventions, car breaking down, and one very importnant funeral, Jaz and I have been..well a bit preoccupied.
 I hope that starting today, things get back on track; knowing our lives though, it won't. I will just have to start carrying my laptop around with me like Paris Hilton carries around her dog. Then there will be a countless number of postings for everyone to keep up on. =]
At least the weather has been nice. 85+ degrees for the past week now. NIIIIcce! LOve'n it.
Which reminds me. I need to get focussed on the summer to do list.
 I find that I always get a slow start on things.
Slower than molasses on ice. But in the end the tortoise always wins the race..


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