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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sumr 2-do's

I thought to myself earlier this mornin' while reading a fellow followers blog, that I too am very excited for summer and should start thinking about livin' life outside more while we all have the great weather for the next couple months. My past couple of summers haven't been all that fantastic and I am officially on a mission to make this summer one to remember! Heres my current check list for the summer of 2010.
..I'll be danged if I don't get every item checked off this list! To all our super lovely Tweed followers feel free to tell me about your summer to-do's..

1. Eat popsicles!-
2. Sleep outside-
3.Water gun fight-
4. BBQ's-
5. Make lemonade-
6. Saturday Market-
7. Eat down by the water front-
8. The Beach-
9. Water balloon pranks!-
10. Take Jazzy to the river-
11. Lay in the sun-
12. Swing at a playground-
13. Outdoor movie-
14. The Coast-
15. Lots of ice cream!-
16. Have cousins come stay-
17. Have a picnik-
18. Go to the Zoo!-
19. Plant flowers-

20. Fly a Kite-
21. Pull all nighters-
22. Climb a jungle gym-
23. Drink arizonas-
24. Ride with the top down in Jazzy's car-
25. Poker Party-
26. Buy a jug of Bubbles!-

27. Movie Marathon-
28. Make smoothies-
29. Root beer floats-
32. Sidewalk Chalk!-
33. Make new summer playlist-
34. Make Mom's Macaroni Salad-

Can't wait to begin the list. Happy summer adventures to all!..