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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekend Warrior

It's Saturday.
& as you know,
I am at work.
Normally very unoptimistic about my predicament,
but today is slightly different.
A Man walked in to the gym,
(a Man I see every saturday at 10:00 a.m.)
and said "Hello Penny," with a smile (as he usually did)
"Hello," I reply.
Then he says something that
surprisingly turns my frown upside down.
" Penny, the weekend warrior."
To my amazment this one little comment
meant more to me than apples in applesauce.
Considering I work every single weekend,
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday;
dealing with who knows what complaints
and angry people, drama, people's current crisis issues,
as well as my own.
the term "weekend warrior" meant not only
that this man notices all the craziness I deal with
& try too handle with extreme caution
 every weekend of my life,
but that I also come out on top.
Sometimes all someone needs
is a little recognition.
& that I did.
..Thank you Man.



  1. Great...and its a nice title as well- "WEEKEND WARRIOR"...GOOD job ..keep doing :)

  2. Agreed, I hear you with needing some recognition every once in awhile. Great post!